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We understand that every client is unique and so is their pain.

Our aim is to treat the underlying cause of your pain and not just treat the area of pain. We do this by listening to our clients and completing a thorough physical assessment. From here we can create a bespoke treatment plan whether that is corrective exercises and/or manual therapy. As we know the body can’t heal itself in one session, we will also provide you with “homework” or corrective exercises for you to do after your session with us. We are not interested in short term fixes and know that some hard work needs to be done regularly.

Ultimately our goal is to make you:

Move Better, Feel Better, Perform Better



Rehab for injuries/pain as well as prehab and performance improvements


Deep tissue work to relieve tight and sore muscles

I went to see Mak with pain that was preventing me from training. In one session he managed to restore a good range of mobility to my arms as well as greatly reducing my pain. He also provided me with exercises to perform at home that have further reduced my pain and I can now train at 100% again. Outside of the session, he has been really responsive and helpful, even providing me with resources to allow me to look after myself better in the future.

Chris, PT

My session with Mak was very insightful. He was able to quickly identify the root of my back pain which I had never been told or considered before. Not only did I feel a lot of relief after our session but the exercise he gave me to do at home has helped me a lot. I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for his services!

Ibrahim, Student