Since a young age, I have been very active, playing lots of sports. However in my late teens and early twenties I started getting pain in different parts of my body. First it was my lower back, then right shoulder, right foot, left hip, right wrist and right side of my neck.

Initially and stupidly, I continued training through the pains thinking it would just go over time but as it got worse, I started to adjust my training to avoid any movements or activities that aggravated the pains. During this whole period I had seen many therapists including physios, osteos, chiropractors, sport massage therapists and acupuncturists – most helped short term but none long term.

In 2014, the pain got so bad that I could barely walk 50 meters. The main issue was pain in my right knee but I was still suffering from pain in the left hip, right foot, lower back, right shoulder, right wrist and right side of my neck.

I was then recommended to see a physio named Simon who I was told did things a bit differently. His sessions were more than double the price of most therapists. So I decided to see different therapists instead. After spending between £500-700 on other therapists with no long term improvements, I got desperate and I decided to see Simon.

I was then recommended to see a physio named Simon who I was told did things a bit differently. During the first session he explained the initial consultation was 90 minutes so he could assess the whole body, regardless of where the pain was as it was all connected, and to go through a thorough injury history dating back to birth.

Pain is usually caused by one part of the body compensating for another part that isn’t functioning properly often due to an old injury/trauma (for more detail about this, see the pain and causes page)

(the main exception to this rule is if the area of pain has had direct trauma, for example dislocating a shoulder – which would need direct rehab as this area will stop focusing properly).

This is why you shouldn’t chase pain but chase what’s not functioning properly.

He used this information to find the root cause. In my case the main cause was a foot injury I had when I was 12.

After the session, I felt better which wasn’t unusual after seeing a therapist. What was unusual was with the corrective exercises he provided the pain gradually disappeared over the next few weeks in the foot and knee. The pain in the rest of the body also started to reduce.

I became fascinated at how the body worked and started studying body biomechanics and movement. And in 2016, I decided to quit my job and start helping others in a similar fashion.

I now offer two services – injury rehab and sports massage. My main service is injury rehab which is designed for people in pain but can be used for injury prevention. During the initial consultation which lasts 90 minutes, I assess the whole body and go through a detailed injury history to try and find the route cause. Sports massage is for people who are looking to recover from training.

For more info of either service, please visit the services page.

My session with Mak was very insightful. He was able to quickly identify the root of my back pain which I had never been told or considered before. Not only did I feel a lot of relief after our session but the exercise he gave me to do at home has helped me a lot. I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for his services!

Ibrahim, Student

I found my session with Mak really useful. He immediately pointed out areas of my body that needed attention. He identified the problems and explained them thoroughly and the knock-on effect they were having on other areas of the body. He then set me a series of exercises to work on and explained each one well. A worthwhile session.

Matthew, Asset Manager